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About Vital Herbal Therapeutics for the Cold and Flu Season Workshop


Cold and flu season is upon us! The Vitalist Approach like herbal therapeutics, diet, and lifestyle changes to include rest can truly make a significant difference to the duration or intensity of any cold or flu. Your runny nose may be a nuisance, but it is essential to tagging, fighting, and removing pathogens from your body. Supporting moisture and flow is key. Fever is the body’s way of killing pathogens, when we inhibit this process by reducing our fevers before they have had a chance to do their job naturally, we are encouraging pathogens to multiply, go deeper, and prolong our illness even opening the door to infection. Come to this workshop and learn how to nurture your body like a Vitalist. 

You will be provided with handouts and recipes, additionally you will learn how to create basic formulas based on the stages of the virus and specific symptoms. We will be making an Elderberry Elixir, Cough Syrup, and an awesome Oxymel for fevers to take home.      

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