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Herbal Chocolates

Updated: Feb 6

I am feeling the need for little comforts and the season is speaking to me in the form of chocolate…

A year ago I began a journey away from coffee. Finding out I was most likely allergic to coffee I decided to do a 6-week elimination, during which I found out I was indeed seriously allergic to coffee. I had the worst 'healing crisis' I had ever experienced. So, I stopped drinking coffee and went through some tea ideas like dandelion tea (Dandy Blend), but it didn’t satisfy me, and made my tummy unhappy. I then settled on a masala chai. The chai I used was a rooibos based one so was caffeine free and it was nice and spicy, so it distracted my taste buds from the idea of coffee. I recently tried a mushroom cocoa and that really hooked me. I really enjoy my own blend of cocoa powder with a little honey and coconut milk in the morning or anytime!

In this winter season I feel the little pleasures are needed, it is cold, and we are mostly home bound so I wanted to share a fun recipe for little chocolates you can make at home. Cocoa powder contains magnesium responsible for stress relief and calming to your mood, it also contains antioxidants responsible for helping the body clean up free radicles in the body. And because I am an herbalist I am adding tinctures of Damiana an antidepressant, and Albizia an anti-anxiety herb along with some Flower Essences. I am also trying my hand at a hot coconut oil infusion of Damiana to make some chocolates with if you want to know how that turns out you can check my Facebook page (link below).

Flower Essences are energetic vibrational medicine that are used to help balance our many different emotional states. They can be subtle or potent but powerful in both cases. Flower Essences are floral infusions heated by the sun’s solar energy and steeped in living mineral rich spring water. Water all over the earth is affected by its environment and what it comes into contact with. We are made mostly of water and gain our energy from the sun directly with Vitamin D production through our skin and by the plant and animal nutrients we eat. All living things require water, solar energy from the sun and minerals from the earth to survive. Every flower carries its own energetic emotional gift to us. The system of Flower Essences was brought into being in 1930 by Edward Bach M.D. and since then just like all the flowers on the earth blossomed and spread.

Image Borage Flower Essence (borage FE gives courage and light to the soul)

If there is an emotion or the possibility of an imbalance with our emotions then there is a corresponding flower essence to help heal, process, and support us. In my little chocolates I included Rock Rose a flower essence used to help one remain grounded in the face of adversity and even catastrophic situations. I use it to calm in the event of a panic attack or anxiety. I used Larch to support a healthy self-esteem and encourage confidence. I added Buttercup as it brings in radiant light and supports feelings of positive worth. Last I added Corn flower as it brings us into alignment with the earth and supports grounding especially when feeling stressed in chaotic environments or situations and are having difficulty staying centered. As you can see flower essences are very personal and they have a variety of purposes and uses.

For your own formulation you can always try Rescue Remedy as a place to start as it can be used in stressful, traumatic, or difficult situations you are having trouble managing. Flower essences do not take away your emotions or feelings, but they can help support you through them through calm and balance enough to help you process and work through them in a healthy manner. I just find flower essences to be a beautiful way to feel beautiful and peaceful. Self-heal flower essence is a great way to tap into the healthy lifestyle choices needed for body and soul and could be a good choice as we leave winter and enter spring. Mariposa Lily flower essence is a fabulous way to heal if you have had issues with your mother, or are missing your mother, as the flower brings you into the embrace of the Great Mother. I call this the Goddess essence.

Flower Essence Chocolate Pieces with Herbal Kisses

100 ml Cocoa Butter (3 oz.)

50 ml Honey (you may reduce if like a darker bitter flavor)

100 ml (volume) Cocoa Powder

Needed one silicon mold/ice cube tray

You can do this all in a glass Pyrex 2 cup (500 ml) measuring cup

Place the cocoa butter in a heat safe measuring cup and microwave in 30 sec intervals stirring in-between until melted completely. Add the Honey and mix completely. Add the cocoa powder and mix completely with a silicon spatula.

Optional: My mold has 21 sections, so I calculated one drop per section of each. I added 21 drops of Damiana tincture, 21 drops of Albizia tincture, 21 drops of flower essences as stated above or of your own choosing, (I did this from a stock bottle). Mix thoroughly.

Optional: add 1 oz. crushed nuts or dried fruit pieces.

Pour into molds and freeze for 20 min. Store in a fridge as they may become too soft at room temperature. If they do not set right more cocoa butter is needed.


If you’re interested in a more personal complete flower essence session, I am available for 1-hour consultation sessions via video chat for $60 (normally $85 just mention where you saw this article).

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