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Flower Essences

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Flowers reflecting light through water

What are they?

The system of Flower Essence therapy was brought into being in 1930 by Edward Bach M.D. Flower Essences are energetic vibrational medicine that are used to help balance our many different emotional states. They can be subtle or potent but powerful in both cases.

Heat and solar energy infuses living water with the essence of the flower. Flower Essences are a subtle energetic medicine that can support you and help to bring you into a balanced emotional state.

How are they made?

Flower Essences are floral infusions heated by the sun and steeped in spring water. Flowers are placed in a glass or crystal bowl, floating in living spring water. The heat and light from the sun infuses the water with that flower’s particular living energy and essence. When the flower infusion under the sun is complete the water is preserved with brandy which creates the Mother essence. It is then diluted even more by adding a certain number of drops of the Mother to a bottle and more brandy, this is called the Stock bottle. One drop of this is added to a bottle of pure spring water, this is the dose bottle. One dose is four drops, it is recommended to be taken four times a day or more as needed.

How do they work?

Each flower has a unique emotionally balancing gift to give us. When a drop of the infused spring water is dried or frozen and looked at under a microscope you can see a unique crystalline structure different for every type of flower but consistent for each plant’s flower. For instance, all Wild Roses have the same crystalline structure, all Cherry Plum flowers have the same crystalline structure, etc. Water takes molecules and creates something new. Water all over the earth is affected by its environment and what it comes into contact with. Water and Minerals are essential building blocks for life on this planet, Energy is the catalyst that brought it into being. Solar energy gives all plants energy on earth and when we or other animals eat them that energy is imparted to us. Spring water is used to create Flower Essences because it is filled with minerals coming from deep within the earth and is considered a living part of the building blocks for life. Our bodies at any given moment are 60% water. Flower Essences work to balance our many different emotional states through influencing our inherent liquid state. With every dose we also create space for intention within us as well as a moment of mindfulness. So, whether we believe in the energetics of this medicine or not it still works from many levels.

Who is it for?

Flower Essences are safe for anyone including animals and children. They can be used internally or externally. Rescue Remedy is a well-known and popular Flower Essence used for high stress or acute traumatic states. I’ve used it with my dog during fireworks to help calm him down. I’ve used it during my own panic attacks to calm down and to help me breathe again. I’ve used it on the skin of my children in the midst of a melt down and it calms them. Personal formulas can help us through to many different states of being and the combinations are as endless as there are emotions or flowers on the planet.

Why work with a practitioner?

Certified Flower Essence practitioners are experts in the understanding and use of Flower Essences. They work with each client, listening and holding space for you. They can help you identify the emotions that arise, matching them to the flower essence that corresponds. If you are stuck, or blocked, Flower Essences are a subtle energetic medicine that can support you and help bring you into a balanced state. They can help support each of us and hold our hands through any stressful traumatic moment or challenge life brings us. Stress in our lives and our general emotional states affect our health on a daily basis. It is critical to our wellbeing to bring us into balance and connection with our mind, our body, and our emotions. With support Flower Essences can help us do this.

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