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Vital Blossom Herbals

At Vital Blossom I believe in a deep inner connectedness between all Life on the planet. 

Through my consultations I provide personal health coaching that includes educational tools, herbal therapeutics, dietary, lifestyle recommendations, and flower essences for emotional balance. I take a practical, compassionate, and whole being approach with my clients. In a world of stress, and overwhelm, I work to help guide my clients to wellness, and balance in their lives. We all have a vital force and sometimes it can be blocked or its flow diminished. With a little help and intentional support it can be awakened and nourished to flow. 


My products for healing are nourishing and work gently. I also make magical products for support and aid with all our emotional and spiritual needs. All products are made with care and intention for physical and spiritual wellbeing. 


Vital Blossom is a Complimentary Alternative Healthcare Practice founded in the Vitalist Healing Tradition. The roots of vitalism date as far back as Hippocrates and are found in traditional systems of medicine all over the world. Vitalism is a practice of allowing and supporting nature in her infinite wisdom and power to manifest healing within our beings, as apposed to relying on the ability of the drug, the physician, the surgeon, or even the herbalist. Vitalism is about supporting the system to heal, not suppressing the symptoms that are telling us of a deeper issue. What we put inside our bodies creates our very cells. The quality, balance, and types of nutrients we receive are crucial to our well-being and ability to thrive. This knowledge gives us power, even in the smallest ways to support our vitality and organic systems. Our diet, exercise, and lifestyle are the best way to support natural healing, while connecting with our whole being; mind, body, and spirit.

Vital Blossom was founded by Cynthia Killingbeck CH, CN, FEP


Cynthia Killingbeck CH, CN, FEP


As an Herbalist I bring my intuition, attention to detail, and passion for deep healing through plants and nature. I grew up in Colorado and continue to connect to nature as often as I can in the beautiful mountains and plains camping and hiking. The beauty, magic, and power of nature and reconnecting to it has been a lifelong path for me. I garden and work with the Earth in all Her cycles. I love to work with plants and create medicines with them. Plants have their own language and I am always working to become more fluent and understanding of their needs and the gifts they offer us through their energetics and physical medicine. I believe in a synergistic approach to healing through utilizing the whole plant as I also work with the whole person.  I believe the healing of our emotional body, our physical body and our spiritual body is the key to complete wellness. I am a spiritual and magical practitioner and I utilize both in all my products and therapies. My areas of interest include herbal and crystal manifestation and intentions; flower essence soul therapy, chronic health issues, digestive health, stress management, allergens, women’s health and emotional wellbeing. 


My Qualifications

I attended the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism beginning in January of 2017, I obtained a certification with Honors in the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism in September of 2017 and a certification with Honors in Advanced Herbalism in July of 2018, this culminated in May of 2019 with the completion of 475 clinic hours consulting with individual clients through the Clinic program I graduated with Honors with these Certifications:​

  • Certified Clinical Herbalist, 1385 hours

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist, 1000 hours

  • Certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, 56 hours

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Third Degree Wiccan and Magickal Practitioner

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