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Personalized Herbal Therapeutics


A Unique Approach,
Flower Essences 
Soul Therapy

Called Soul Flowers in Europe, Flower Essences are energetic vibrational medicine that are used to help balance our many different emotional states, experiences, and on a deeper level even provide soul therapy. Flower Essences are water and floral infusions heated by the sun’s solar energy and steeped in living mineral rich spring water. 


Water all over the earth is affected and transformed by its environment, vibrations, and what it encounters. Because we are made mostly of water we are also affected by and changed by other water molecules which enables us to receive the unique emotional support and healing every flower contains. Flower essences are quite effective topically through the skin or taken in drops orally. 


The system of Flower Essences was brought into being in 1930 by Edward Bach M.D. and since then just like all the flowers on the earth the practice blossomed and spread and continues to grow throughout the world. 


Initial Intake Consultation 

entails an in-depth detailed health and wellness history, symptom picture, and interview. 

Includes personal protocol 

2 hours


Follow up continues the Healing journey, what is coming up for you and adjustments to protocol with guidance.


1 hour


Personal Flower Essence formulation promotes emotional healing and balance in your daily life.


1 hour


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